Answer : The combination of weight lifting and cardio allows you to tear down your muscles fibers in order for your muscles to grow bigger and stronger while burning more calories in order to lose fat. Combining the workout with the meal plan will speed up the process because you will have a plan that let you eat tasty meals and give you all the nutrients that your body need to repair after your workouts.

Answer : Absolutely not! This perfect meal plan will never leave you with that feeling of starvation after each meal. This is a must, because as you are full, you will not have cravings until your next meal. It’s impossible to cheat on your meal plan if you are not hungry! Simple enough.

Answer : Before starting any workout, you should consult a physician, but this workout if perfect for anyone looking to build muscle mass, shred fat and improve the appearance of their physique.

Answer : Age is only a number. The trick here is to maximize your time in the gym with short and intense workout

Answer : Yes, this workout is design to give insane results to both man and woman willing to increase muscle and lose fat.

Answer : Definitely: Everything you need to know to get the maximum out of this workout is in the instructions, which are given in the workout pdf.

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